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I’m seriously so sick of this omfg.

forthedancingandreaming: all these au's are so great. You could write a modern one where Hiccup and Astrid spend the night together at his house? pd: if you decide you want to put smut or not (: i love your writing.



Okay, so what happened here was that the second I got this message I got this really evil idea. I wrote it, but because I was feeling bad over how evil it was, I wrote another one. Long story short; you get two ficlets!

Anchor - Archive of Our Own
Rating: T
Words: 1316

Of Skirts and Good Morning Notes - Archive of Our Own
Rating: M
Words: 1846

I’m taking ficlet requests, but if you send any keep in mind that I still have some in my inbox and could take a while to get to yours. Please refer to this post.

faeblossom: I saw that you were taking drabble requests and I would love to request some hiccstrid, because the last one you wrote was so cute :)


This one took an unexpected turn on me! I think it’s pretty cute, though, I hope you do too!

Thanks for the prompt! :)




He slept curled up like a cat. Or a dragon.

And it was adorable. Absolutely adorable.

But it was irritating. Especially when she wanted to cuddle. Or it was cold.

So she was laying on her side, shivering with three blankets,glaring at her boyfriend, who was sleeping soundly.

And Odin knows he needed to sleep.

She tried to snuggle against him, but the only thing it managed to do was wake him up.

"Astrid?" He asked sleepily, opening his eyes. "What’s wrong?"

"Nothing," Astrid lied, pulling the blanket tighter around her.

"Liar," he told her, rubbing his eyes. His voice was coated with sleep. "Tell me."

She frowned. “I’m cold,”

He smiled. “Aw, you poor thing.”

"Hiccup, I’m serious." She pouted.

"Alright, come here."

Astrid cuddled against him, her head under his chin. He held her close to him. Very close.


"Yes," Astrid replied, closing her eyes.

"I wish you could stay here all the time."

"My mom would kill me," Astrid murmured. "I’m surprised she hasn’t yet."

He chuckled and kissed the top of her head. And she got the feeling he knew something she didn’t.

"What?" she demanded.

"Nothing, Milady, go to sleep."

And she was so tired, she didn’t try to argue. She fell asleep very quickly.

And Hiccup fell back to sleep soon after, hoping that the next day, the amazing woman in his arms would agree to marry him so that every night could be like this.

Anonymous: Hiccup and Astrid, #16 for the kiss challenge. ;)


Ooh. #16 hiccstrid please!! <3
     16. on the butt
image all hail the buttcup

Anonymous: Oooh! The kiss meme! Hiccup/Astrid, number 13! Feet can be cute, I guess!


     13. on the foot